I'm looking for a fall alert system that also includes an in-house alarm. Family lives in a bigger house and someone is usually nearby that can help, but they may not have their phone on them. If an alarm is triggered, then they can help quickly!

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Very annoying - the one I used did exactly the job you want but it isn't available in the States. Still! I believe you'll find that most of the lifeline, fall alert, whatever they want to call themselves systems do come with a monitor for use within the home; do you also want the external monitoring service, for when family members aren't around?

Anyway, there are dozens of suppliers. I found this "independent review" site which I hope may be helpful?

They do a Medical Alert product comparison which seems comprehensive. Of course you still want to keep your eyes open when you follow up any recommendations but they do seem to be doing their best to be objective.
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I’m sorry you didn’t get an answer in a timely manner. Your best bet would probably to do research online. You can contact a company like LifeAlert to see if they have any suggestions. The person would probably have to wear a bracelet or a necklace that incorporates a fall detection system. However, that alert would most likely go to your local safety forces. My Apple Watch has one, but it’s not that reliable and has asked me on more than one occasion if I’ve fallen and I haven’t. You can also try a home security company like ADT.
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Justsomeguy Jul 2019
Thanks - called LifeAlert and they aren't aware of any company that offers this type of alert.
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