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No. Insurance does not cover to my knowledge.
Call your local Area Agency on Aging and see if they know of “local to you” companies. I found one through them for my mom many years ago and my aunt uses the same company. We got a better rate with the referral. The base equipment and pendant is included in the rental. It’s a 30 day contract. About $30 per month. (They offer an annual rate and will refund any unused portion if canceled)
It doesn’t call 911. It calls the alert company which is affiliated with the local ambulance service.
The one she has is for home use. You must have a land line phone service to connect it.
In other words if a person were at the grocery store it wouldn’t work. Both my elders who used them were home bound so that wasn’t needed.
But do be careful if you start getting robo calls for one. It was recently on a tv news program that it’s one of the worst scams for robo calls.

The link below will help you find your local AAA if you want to check with them.
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Medicare and most insurance plans don’t cover life alerts unfortunately.
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When you say a life alert necklace, do you mean:

a) a MedicAlert type necklace, that warns anyone it may concern that the person has an allergy, diabetes, no spleen, a pacemaker, or whatever?


b) a panic button for the person to press in case of falls or other accidents?

a) - these are not expensive, I wouldn't think you'd even want to bother your insurers with it. They start at less than ten dollars and you can easily order them online.

b) - these need a service contract attached, so that the button connects to call handlers. Depending on what sort of insurance you have it's always worth asking. Some insurers may offer cover for it because it could save them money in the long run.
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She’s talking about B, since “life alert” is the actual name of a product we have in the US. It’s a pendant you wear with a button to push in the event of an emergency or if you fall. It triggers a call to 911.
Rhyancapri, you can find them on the Internet, just Google "life alert necklace" and see what pops up. Also, check with your local drug store, or even Wal-Mart.

As for insurance covering them, you would need to check with the insurance carrier.
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