We have had Medical Guardian for several years but it stopped working properly when AT&T upgraded their system. Am looking for someone who has a reliable system with the cell service in the area. Also: beware if you have Medical Guardian - test to make sure it's working for you! My mom's service is intermittent at best.

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When I was researching medical alert systems for Dad, I learned that there were ones that used a land line, some that used cell and others that appeared to use both. We needed something for a relatively remote location with very spotty cell service. The only option was to use a land line system.

But then Dad decided not to spend much time there anymore and only be there with others, so we did not implement a system.

When I say the cell service is spotty, it will drop a call even if you are not moving, there are limited areas on the property where it will work at all.

One thing you may want to check, is if there is a WiFi service. Assuming WiFi is available at the property. We have to use our cell phones with WiFi calling to avoid dropped calls. Of course we have to be within WiFi range to do so.
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I know consumer cellular has a simple jitterbug phone that works as alert as well, and would check on that. I know that they use verizon, so wherever verizon is it should work there. Google Consumer Cellular and I would think they would have information. They are extremely helpful on the phone also, as I have had them for my jitterbug for several years now.
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Not sure if they have them that work with cells. Mom had one years ago and you had to have a landline. There's a box that uses phone lines, so the operator can contact the wearer. When the wearer pushes the button, the operator responds. Not sure how that would work with a cell. But they do now have were you can be out and about.

In my search it looks like Life alert can work with some one who has a cell.
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