He is making things difficult and mum smokes which is a safety concern and social. Want mum to stop, he keeps buying them for her. I'm trying to get her to stop.

Also he's not having contact with me. Or supporting my mum's needs.

You would have to get mom to agree to this--it's really hard to strip POA from an existing one. Buying cigarettes for someone isn't considered abusing the POA by any means.

You've got to be little more specific about what he's NOT doing....and does your mom still have her reasoning capabilities? POA's don't run people's lives if they are capable of making decisions for themselves.

And he doesn't HAVE to keep you in the loop. Sad, but true. And what needs of mom's is he not supporting?

Short of total abuse/neglect of her needs, changing POA is going to be very hard, if not impossible.

Talk to a lawyer and see what to do from there.
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