Well father is in need of professional care & has 5 children. One of his kids helped to manage his account to pay monthly bills. Now that my father needs professional help to come in and take care of him he won't let any of the others share in the decisions of what's best for him. He's controlling everything and won't let no one in on decisions. Is that how it's suppose to be because he's over his money?

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If there are POA's in place they may not be activated without the concurrence of two docs stating he is no longer able to make his own decisions. If he is competent he has the right to make his own decisions no matter how bad they may be.
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Does this person have POA for finance and Medical. If not, he cannot make decisions for Dad.
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If your dad is still legally competent, he gets to make his own decisions. People with dementia can be legally competent.

If you think he might not understand what he is signing or understand the consequences of his decisions, you can ask that his competency be evaluated. If a court decides he is no longer legally competent, the court will appoint someone to act for him. They can appoint a family member or a court appointed guardian.

It can be very frustrating to watch a stubborn elder make decisions you would not make. You can get lots of support for your frustration on this site!
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