Also, possibility depression, signs of dementia plus bi-polar off & on. The insurances does not want to continue to pay. I have no power of attorney and he needs not to be on own, plus unsafe to return home alone without 24 hour supervision. I am waiting on expert witness information for guardianship but rehab needs to release him today. He wants to just be released and feels he's being held as a prisoner. I cannot do anything unless I get his permission. I was going to let him stay with me, & 1st said would go along with decision to not be left alone. But a family meeting totally disagreed, so advised best not to have him live with me. Today, is when insurance will not pay, so what will the nursing home rehab do with my brother now?

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Have you contacted the facility's social worker? This is their area of expertise and the social worker may have solutions for you that you have not thought of.
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Has he been there 20 days or longer. Medicare pays 100% the first 20 days, 50% up to a hundred. Does rehab feel they have done all they can? If they feel he needs more care then ask to file for Medicaid if he has no money. You realize that diabetes, depression and bipolar are not reasons to keep him in rehab indefinitely. All these problems can be handled thru doctor visits.
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If bro is competent he has the right to make his own bad decisions no matter how bad they may be. Sounds as if he will make a bad decision based on your perception. If he leaves, goes home AMA, against medical advice, he risks Medicare not paying his bill thus far.
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