She has vascular dementia, but is still (in general) very combative and argumentative. Any suggestions on how to get her to the respite?

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Also, just my two cents, but don’t “over talk” her going. I like the idea of the “trial day”. When the time comes, pack her bag, tell her it’s time to go and leave. Fix up ner room with some easily portable chackies, have lunch and then go.

Don’t keep dwelling on it and reminding her she’s going and not happy about it.
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I had the same issue with my Mom. Mom was dead set against it. Then, I took her on a tour of the place. They staff included a free lunch and an afternoon puzzle game with others there.

the room was nice.

They even had a movie night!

once Mom spent a day there with me....she wanted to move there permanently. No problem getting her to willingly go there for a week,
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