My mother’s posture has gotten terrible from leaning over her walker. When I ask her to stand straight and look ahead instead of down, she will; however, because of dementia, she immediately forgets and leans over again. I’m considering UpWalker. Has anyone used it?

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Elenker has an upright walker with a seat for much less than that, there may also be other brands. All the more reason to work with a knowledgeable supplier.
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Geaton777 Aug 2019
Thanks for that insight! I have a 100+ yr old auntie who stoops over her walker and its painful to watch her function.
I just looked it up...$645???? That's for the "small" one. $695 for the large. Holy cow!!! Is it covered by Medicare?
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I haven’t. But I was dismayed by my husband’s posture with the walker they gave him. I got a Drive Nitro walker, which is more like a taller rollator with a seat if he needs to sit down. It has nice big wheels for more stability, and lightweight enough for me to lift. Let’s see if he uses it.
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One of the gents at mom's nursing home had one, it seemed to work very well for him. I suggest you work with an OT/PT though so that you have it fitted properly - they may even know where you can borrow one for a trial period.
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