I'm looking for a device that is outside the box. Current devices are mostly for patients that can stand somewhat. Or cooperate. Some cognition problems and occasional combativeness leave toileting a nightmare. Currently sundowning seems to be increasing.

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The simple reality is that there isn't anything, at least nothing fast. Once people get to the point they can't bear weight to do a pivot transfer it is unrealistic to expect that they can wait to used the toilet as needed, instead s/he needs to be wearing an incontinence product and toileting needs to be on a schedule - every 2 or 3 hours, perhaps - so that sudden urges and accidents are minimized.
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buster638 Mar 2019
Thanks cwillie! My wife is the 24hr caregiver. She is a former CNA. She knows the proper transfer methods. Her mother is getting progressively agitated. Sometimes she can't touch her without a meltdown. The 90 lbs becomes deadweight. I am there every day and help with the transfers. We have hospice and they are wonderful. They even provide the incontinence product. Hospital bed, nurse on call and once a week visit. Bath aid twice a week. Chaplain, PTs once a week. Social worker. Then there is Meals on Wheels. The highlight of my MIL's week. She is legally blind, very hard of hearing but with brand new hearing aids she enjoys talking books tapes from Books for the blind. Thanks again.
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