I need help looking at what is available on Amazon to assist elder to stand up from seated position.

Has anyone had any luck with any particular item?

Thanks for any comments on any successful items.

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Don’t worry about long reply. It helps us to help you. Whew! You have your hands full, as does your sister.

Mom does well with Parkinson’s meds. She takes The Sinamet which is the generic of the carbidopa-levodopa. This medication doesn’t cause any body aches for mom but every person is different.

The statin does cause body aches for some people. It’s a fairly common side effect. She could ask her doctor to stop the statin and regulate the dosage of the Sinamet. Mom has had to change up her dosages at times.

The Sinamet actually helps with muscle control and the rigidity that Parkinson’s patients get, along with spasms and tremors.

I would go see a good neurologist to seek treatment if she indeed has Parkinson’s disease. It’s a tough disease.

Yes, your daughter needs you. I have a daughter who is in college as well. I wish I could spend more time with her. I am mom’s primary caregiver.

I am glad that you and your sister both care about mom. So many times only one child is concerned.

As as far as the lifting, it’s really hard. Mom is small but it doesn’t matter because she is dead weight. I’m small and I can’t lift her. But even a larger person would have difficulty moving her. It’s hard moving people.

I definitely think she needs to be cooperative with physical therapy. My mom does cooperate. It is amazing how they improve. Mom went from not getting up to moving about again. Sure, they move slowly but they are moving! They are able to stand on her own after therapy.

Also the home health therapist looks at your commode seat to check proper height. Those chairs that attach can all be adjusted. The shower chair can also be adjusted.

Do not do a wheelchair! She will never walk again. Mom’s doctor advised against that.

Is she doing home health? Have her doctor put her in skilled nursing rehab for awhile. Medicare pays for skilled nursing rehab and home health if ordered. Mom is continuing to do therapy now in home health.

The hospital recommended skilled nursing rehab for mom because she was unable to move.

Her neurologist said to take her to the ER because of her age. Other issues may be going on such as a UTI with new symptoms. Get her checked out. See if you or others can motivate her to do physical and occupational therapy. It works if you work hard at it. Mom is almost 94 and her therapists said she gave it her all. So proud of her!

Anyway, take care. Keep us posted about her progress.
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snowy1 Aug 2019

Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, mom could be helped with PT. We had visit with nice different PT today. He got mom to work with us including me for two plus hours! Mom was very tired and rightly so. He says I need to practice more with mom. He is CORRECT! Mom has to let me practice with her though. She is not as good as your mom about wanting to do PT. My mom never went to rehab and maybe it really would have been better if she had once to learn how some of these things need to be done!

PT said to just keep working with her. If she won't do pushing on arms of chair he said let her hold onto walked handles with it locked. So baby steps. I did get her up a couple of times and once of padded commode I bought for her as no pants on there for me to hold which she knows. I don't do the complete butt lift thing and she does know that but got off it again today so it can be done if she wants to do it.

She went back on the L-Dopa yesterday so great if she thinks it will this time. At least we can get through my sister's surgery night now. My husband and our daughter will assist mom and old family friends volunteered today to drive my sister to and from it and wait there.

So God listens to prayers! I know this is not a permanent solution as mom will need to have hired in help if she cannot learn to get up better with just me. But for this week we are taking it day by day and do have two more PT visits scheduled so I can remind mom she really needs to practice with me so we are able to get more help each time.

I remain hopeful and still appreciate any prayers and pointers from anyone that can help me know what to be doing.

Hugs all around.
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It may be a matter of motivation. Does the elder really really want to stand?

Going by the idea that personal experience is a good judge of what works, you can get an American flag on amazon.

Everybody stand, and recite the pledge of allegiance.

Your elder will be standing with minor assistance with you by his side.
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It slightly depends on what the difficulty is, exactly.

If the seated position is too low down, consider booster cushions or a riser-recliner chair.

If the person is unsteady while rising, there are various sorts of grab bars and handles which can be fixed securely to the floor or to a piece of furniture to give the person something to pull on and/or hold onto. Note, the fixing MUST be secure.

There are types of toilet seats called "comfort height" which are easier to get up from than the standard ones; or there are boosters which can be firmly secured to a standard toilet.

If the person does not have the leg and back strength to get up unaided and you are assisting, then a gait belt is preferable because it distributes the pressure evenly on the person's body, in the right place; and avoids your having to lift while bending over, which your back really does not want you to do.
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A Gait Belt is what my husband’s therapists always use. And, one person behind holding the belt and the other in front holding the walker or the wheelchair. When they get him out of bed, they use a “sit to stand” lift. If you contact Medicare they may pay for part of it.
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Can she stand at all? Mom had this issue a short time ago. She has Parkinson’s disease and mobility is difficult.

Plus they had mom on a statin for stroke prevention. I can’t take a statin, nor can my brothers. I know the side effects were effecting mom too. Does she take a statin drug. I got horribly stiff when on it with terrible aches throughout my body, also can cause weakness.

Mom did skilled nursing rehab, occupational and physical therapy. It helps! Plus they took her off statin. She has really improved! The therapist keeps telling her the tip to getting up from seated position, nose over toes! They have to bend forward. Also move forward in the chair.

This works for mom. Sometimes just changing the position really helps. Best wishes for you and your mom.
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snowy1 Aug 2019

Thanks for your reply. You are so correct that position really matters! I identify the problem as mom has to help stay bent over and keep her feet underneath her on the floor. I can slide her to end of chair and deal with her putting her hands up on her walker as that is where by sister has been having her place them for months. But I cannot lift mom's but straight up.

I think my problem helping mom stand is that we never were trained to do it properly. So my sister who stays with mom 24/7 came up with her own method about nine months ago when mom fell and skinned her leg up but no broken bones. It works for them as my sister is very large now and maybe reason she can lift mom up?, but I am 107 lbs and really cannot lift mom who is 147 lbs that way. That is what mom wants or me to work magic and just have in another seat!

Sister is experiencing some toll on herself, sore feet, ankles, fast pulse, no decent sleep as mom gets her up numerous times at night to use commode, and now the skin cancer that is getting removed in about five days.

We got one PT lesson but unfortunately, without mom continuing to do what taught (sister couldn't get her to do it), it doesn't work when I show up to do it that way. We get another PT visit today at 2 pm so I am hoping and praying maybe a different person can modify technique somewhat for me to be successful. Otherwise, just for the surgery night my husband will come along to help. He works with elders in ophthalmology office daily so seems to give mom peace of mind and moral support that she can get up when he is there. Even with him I did have to lift mom from back of pants some but could do that with mom leaning forward and keeping her feet under her. I even got her off commode without husband as she wants for privacy for that and just had my special needs daughter hold Grandma's foot down to remind her where it needs to stay. So we can do the surgery night fine. Mom did pull herself off the commode as I cannot do the butt lift thing.

But long term we need some changes to occur. I hope mom and my sister can deal with that. My husband won't always be able to come help me each time. I work but just part time which actually is like therapy for me to be in real life, and daughter will be taking two classes at the junior college soon for which I assist her. She loves learning classes as does quite well in them.

So mom cannot be the entire focus of attention like she maybe wants to be. She has had my sister doing this but now the skin cancer really has to be removed so doesn't go to melanoma.

Please say prayers for me to be successful today or at least to be able to express with it being heard my need for mom to learn some other way to ultimately get up together with me as well my sister. I know we can all work together to be successful and all be trained and it may not be in just that one hour session. But I have spent years breaking tasks down so my daughter could learn even algebra to get her AA so I think we can do this for now.

Mom is not at end stage anything really, but was told maybe Parkinsonism, Parkinson's? L-dopa made it worse so off that crap and the statins didn't agree with mom years ago so none of that. She has no cancer, no diabetes, no hypertension, never broken a bone, so really health wise for 88 not too bad off. But dad passed twelve years ago so lonesome and sad as she says all her other friends are gone too as well as mobility problems. (She also detests the word exercise but liked to swim and dance. She would love to get into her pool but Kaiser PT told her she will never get into any pool again.) I didn't like that answer. She is youngest of family so no siblings, just my sister and I.

Sorry this got too long! Thank you for listening and sharing.

God's peace.
I use a gate belt wrapped around waste set walker in front of resident then put my foot in front of walker to secure it .if its a rolling walker lock it 1st ,then grab ahold of gate belt lift up while you are telling them everything you are can rent a hoyer lift
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