Grandma is on home hospice and I am her caregiver and poa. My uncle is mad that my grandpa left me the grandchild my grandmother poa there for he Making my life a living hell be for my grandpa passed and was on life support at the hospital he placed a order of protection on me dying I was trying to kill my grandpa and was granted it ther for when they pulled the plug on my Tata I was not allowed there. For him " two months b4 this I had my grandma nd grandpa living with me taking care of them and no family visited them at all" my uncle did this because he mad I am poa so after my grandpa passed he started calling the police and aps to my house saying I was abusing my grandma and the found nothing and after that aps keep coming once a month after i moved back to my grandma ma house with her "The reason they where at my house was because I remodel there house for handicap place shower rods and larger doors and so on " so while living at my grandma my uncle continued to call cops and aps on me stating I was hurting my grandma and trying go kill her after a couple of months my grandma went in to in home hospice and now she in her 5th month where I take care of her my uncle got word that my grandma can pass anyday now there for he placed and order of protection again on me to where I was kicked out of the house and cannot care for my grandma the hospice nurse said she can pass any day now what can I do to get my uncle from taking my last days with my grandmother? I have court in 5 days but I don't believe she will last till then.

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Duplicate post: see "My uncle has accused of abusing my grandma and i am her caregive to take away my final day away with her"
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