My mom went into a skilled nursing facility in Oct. for rehab. In nov, she was changed to permanent resident. I did not know this until after I had paid her bills from her SS check. I have POA on her account and have always done this for her and given her the rest of her money to do as she pleases. She doesn't get much. The NH asked me to wait until this month mid-month to notify SS on her address change because they are in the middle of an account changing system. All residents will have new accounts. So in Dec, I did the usual, took her money out and wrote a money order to the NH for the check amount minus the 50 she is allowed to keep. Her Medicaid is still pending. Will I be in trouble with SS for not being a representative payee? I am just reading about this here.... I don't know what to do... they had her sign some admission papers, I am going to check with them to see if they had her sign for them to be the payee... which I want to happen anyway... much easier for her and myself.

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How could u not know she was permanent. Was she capable of signing the paperwork needed? What do you mean her bills. For a house, for apartment? First, you can't deduct the $50. The facility should have an account for each resident they keep track of. The money is there for personal things you may buy her. You will need to show receipts to get money refunded. The facility is not allowed to deduct money unless resident or POA signs off. The easiest thing is to allow the facility to become payee to SS and any pensions if going on Medicaid. Now Mom is in a NH you can no longer pay utilities or taxes to keep a home or apartment up out of Mom's money. Not much u can do about what u have paid. Worst Medicaid could do was make it be paid back.
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ef1055, I am moving your question back closer to the front page. Hopefully a caregiver with social security experience can help you.
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