I am my mom's caregiver and SSI rep payee. We live on the SSI money. Am I able to get a car loan using her SSI?

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To piggyback BarbBrooklyn's comment, when my dad lived with us it really boosted the household income and of course my daughter and I benefited from that but it was always in the back of my mind that something could happen to my dad at any time and that financial contribution of his to our household would disappear in an instant so I always had to keep one eye on the future. For instance, because my dad needed to move in with us immediately I had to rent a house and I had to explain to the owner my/our situation, that I could not sign a year's lease. What if, 2 months into a new lease something happened to my dad? Then I'd have 10 months on a rental that I couldn't pay for. A short-term, renewable lease was a must and not many landlords are willing to do this but I had very good credit and the home owner was sympathetic so it worked out.

I had a game plan in my mind of what I would do when my dad was gone. I was his POA both medical and financial and together we were able to get my name on his accounts and access to his annuity. This money would go to his funeral expenses and to move my daughter and I out of the house and into another place.

Also, I'm convinced the Social Security Administration is all-seeing and all-knowing. My dad received his payment on the 3rd of every month and he died on the 7th. On the 8th I checked his account and his social security payment for that month disappeared. The SSA was that quick.

Yes, your mom's money is for her expenses. Her care. But if you two are living together her money also has to go toward the household expenses but you have to position yourself so that if something happens to your mom you will not be in a very serious financial bind. If you can't afford a car with your money, you can't afford it. I say this out of kindness and experience. 

When my dad moved in with us it improved my financial situation for the better. Because there would be another adult living with us I had to buy more bedding, towels, and things of that nature. My dad wanted a toaster oven and a TV in his room so we got those things. I even bought a dog. It was great fun to be able to go out and do all that shopping but once we were settled in, the reality of the situation hit me and I began to think about my financial future without my dad and I'm so glad I did. And when he did pass away I wasn't in a financial bind.

Be very wary of using your mom's SSI for anything other than for her care of her share of your household expenses if you live together. That money could be gone tomorrow.
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Ameer, if your only employment is unpaid caregiving your mother and you have no income of your own, how are you going to live when she ends up in a facility or dies?. Please think about this.
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No, that is not an appropriate use of money. If she is competent and can get loan, parent can. But it’s not YOUR money. You cannot use it to buy car on loan and have parent sign docs. You will have reporting to do for SSA at some point, and they will want to know why car is purchased. If parent is required to go to facility, all her money will go to facility as her share of cost for Medicaid. And then loan will go unpaid and car repossessed.
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