Can a nursing home force a patient into hospice?

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This nursing home has made all medical and financial decisions for my mom since she was admitted, they have left her unattended and has fallen off her bed and wheel chair to the point that she had to be operated on for fractures and broken bones on her knee. The nursing home now wants to put her in hospice. But prior to that call they called me because the doctor ordered physical therapy for her then a few days later they call about putting tubes to feed her and the last call they want to put her in hospice. It seems to me that the nursing home wants to get rid of her, and one more they can't find the original paper work when she was admitted to the nursing home.

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You need to GET to where your mother is. All this is second hand info and you need to see and talk to these people.

No, NH's can't make those decisions, but somebody needs to step up and do it.
It is time to request a family meeting with the nursing home. You should talk to a, social worker , physical therapist, etc. It sounds like you are dealing with phone calls but you need to be there. You may be missing the big picture that the person is suffering
How far are you from mom? I would get there, one way or another, to see what is going on. Are you mom's POA? Is nursing home her guardian?
Dear elcamino,

I'm very sorry to hear what is happening. I have to agree with the others and it is best to talk to the nursing home manager in person. Is there another family member or friend that can go to the nursing home on your behalf? I know its hard to manage this difficult situation from another state.

Generally speaking nursing homes should be working with the family on these difficult decisions. In my grandmother's case, she was the one that decided she wanted hospice care after being told she had kidney failure. She was 92.

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