I am so scared of life getting worse for her, and me, not sure which way to turn. She wants to remain in her apartment.

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If she's down to 50K or less, she qualifies for Medicaid NOW. You should apply for it FOR her, and then she won't run out of money! You know how much she gets from SSI and other sources of income, you know how much her rent is, her bills, etc., so she shouldn't run out of money with no prior warning. Consult an elder care attorney for a free consultation and discuss your concerns with him or her.

Best of luck!!
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Is your mom close to qualifying for Medicaid? In my state there are different programs under Medicaid which will provide SOME types of care at home. Check with your local aging council to see what, if anything, is available in your state.
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If your mom wishes to remain independent then she is going to have to take the steps that will ensure her success in doing so. Let her know that you will support her decision to remain at home ONLY if she does what she's supposed to do to maintain her health. And then tell her that if she does not maintain her health she will have to live somewhere where there are nurses around the clock who will do it for her.

So many of our elderly loved ones want to remain at home but they have to participate in their own care if they are to be able to stay at home.
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Ckap123 Jan 6, 2019
I understand that, but what IF she does run out of money? I have set into motion for there to be help (4 hours each day) against her better judgement, but the way I figure, she can only do this for a set period and that’s only if she does not require more hours of help.
I guess the question is so big I am not sure WHAT I am asking!
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