My mom needs my help at home but l must work to pay for living expenses as her income on social security is I want to become a caregiver to care for her needs more. We live in Illinois near Chicago. Can you give me some insight on my questions thanks

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You do not NEED to be certified to be hired as a caregiver.
If you are hired through an agency you can be a companion or care companion.
You need to be certified if you are going to work in a facility or an agency and call yourself a CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant)
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I live in NJ but see alot of PA advertisements where homecare agencies will train, hire and allow you to care for a loved one. You may want to call around and see if this is done where you live.
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If you’re asking if you can get paid by the government for caregiving, unfortunately the answer is probably not. All states have different regulations but no one on this site has ever said they collected enough to live on. A “caregivers agreement”, at least the one in this site, would be an agreement between you and your mom saying what you would do for her and how much she would pay you out of her own money. If she has no money, that would pretty much be a moot point. Are you thinking of quitting your job to care for her? Bear in mind unless you sign up for COBRA health insurance, you won’t have any. And no retirement fund.

In the long run, you would get more help if she went to a facility. There are Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and Memory Care depending on what her doctor says she needs. You can file for Medicaid if she qualifies for it. Medicare usually pays for 100 Days in a facility.
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