My mom needs a caregiver and I want to stay home and take care of her but I can’t afford to quit my job. How much can my mom make so I can get paid to take care of her? Thank You

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It is a wonderful thing that you want to provide care for your mom. However, please read through the many (many) postings on this board before you quit your job and become a full time caregiver. It's a terribly hard job. Becoming a full time caregiver is going to dramatically impact your life and the life of your family. Quitting your job is going to affect your own retirement income. It's going to affect your social life. It will affect your health. It may affect your access to health insurance. Think very hard about this- with both your head and your heart.

You may want to consider having someone else provide the caregiving and you just take on the (also very hard) job of overseeing the care. We all need to find a balance between what's best for our loved ones and what's best for us.
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Naunie41, good advice from freqflyer about getting an employment agreement or personal care agreement (PCA) and has a site that explains the need for a PCA and provides a template at:

If your mom or her husband served in any branch of the U.S. armed forces during wartime, then she may be eligible for a Veterans pension, which can be as high as $1,830 for a single veteran meeting Aid and Attendance requirements. The VA pension can be used to pay at least some in-home caregiver costs, as can Social Security benefits or any other income or assets of your mother's.

I'm not sure what you mean by your question about how much can your mom make so you can get paid.
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Naunie, the vast majority of grown children who are caregivers to their parent do not get paid.... unless the parent can pay that grown child from their own retirement fund. If this is something your Mom can do, then you would need to prepare an employment agreement.

Otherwise, check with your State Medicaid office [different from Medicare] to see if your Mom can be accepted by Medicaid. In some States, the grown child can be paid, but note the pay would be very minimal and no benefits such as health insurance for you.
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