My mother needs full time care that we can't afford. Any suggestions?


We have VA benefits and SS but it still is not enough. Any suggestions would be great. Bless you all that care for their parents, this is difficult.

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My mother gets 900 dollars a month. She lives in California . I am not sure if this based off the state we live in . The amount could vary depending on the state you are in . Check with the Veteran Dept .

Also my father was in battle in the Korean War . Money was based on his active service . I had a service do all the paper work it was worth the money .

My Dad was in the Airforce and the Navy hope this helps
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Keep your chin up Hope, have you called the VA and asked what they might be able to do?  Opps, I just saw we posted at the same time,, that is a shame
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May I ask how much your va benefits are? We just received $200 a month but that works out to $50 a week, so one hr a day for 5 days. I live with my dad and care for him 24/7. I have to work to get by but I’m terrified leaving him alone. He is 97.
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Unless you live in NYC, there is no such thing as round the clock funded in home care.
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On our case, full time care was not available unless we could self pay (which we could not). Lots of dead ends while I researched every option for Mom. Lots of misinformation and misunderstandings. I am confident that I looked at every option, yet it still bothers me that a family member feels I prematurely "Threw Mom in a home" so I wouldn't have to deal anymore. We needed 24 hour care and we needed it NOW. Mom was falling, calling the cops for silly reasons, pulled a knife on an imaginary intruder - things like that. We did self pay some caregivers for about 6 hours a week - but had to deplete savings even to do that small bit. Mom needed a nursing home and is now in a facility on Medicaid. That was the only way we could get 24 hour care.
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