My sibling forced dad to move alone overseas to save on care for mom sick of Azheimer's .Dad is 78y/o, not making sound decisions, and ignoring my input of how mom's needs can be taken care of here at home in the US.
I have very good reasons to think that my brother's motives to get my dad to move overseas have to do with selfish money reasons about inheriting property, rather then taking care of mom, since by being alone my dad not only puts his own health at risk, but by moving overseas already spent moneys enough to take care of my mom for entire year or two. In fact, my dad is 77 years old and I am afraid he shows signs of at least minimal if not more of mental capabilities decline, listens only to my brother, and only I am afraid will squander not only money he has saved for his and my mom's retirement and care in old age, but his own health along with my mom's already advanced Alzheimer's disease.

Can I legally do something to gain care and guardianship of my dad and get him legally back to the states for care by myself, and put in actions options for my parents to be taken care of here home in the States, rather then let family be splintered and divided because of my brother's selfish intents, at time when family needs to be together and child / parent parents roles need to be reversed. I am a person that does not let a parent be lonely and not taken care of when old age comes. Advice please. Legal ways to stop my brother from doing this deed.

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You need to consult with a lawyer, that has international elder law experience.
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