Whenever narcissist mom doesn't get enough attention, she says she fell out of bed and is never hurt. The ambulance takes her to the hospital, and after many tests, she is sent back to AL. She spends all this time harassing ER nurses to call us to come. When released she wants us to come take her back to AL, which we cannot as she is wheelchair bound so a transport van has to take her everywhere.
This has happened dozens of times and sometimes they will find her in the floor with a pillow under her head and a blanket over her. This is attention seeking behavior.
We deal with AL personnel only in an attempt to not give her any attention for these stunts. We let medical personnel handle it and we do not go to the hospital, nor call to check on her as we did before we realized there was a pattern here. Any other ideas?

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You are doing the right thing, don't go to the ER, don't rush. But clearly inform her that she cost herself $1000-2000 in co-pays for every one of these stunts. Sit down with the Head Nurse and initiate a Do Not Transport order, and discuss what medications might help her misbehavior. Continued disruptions like this could land her in a Memory Care unit.
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Tell the Staff to vacuum around her :P

Or go for her vanity... would she want people taking pictures using their cellphones of her lying on the floor? Plus it messes up her hair and wrinkles her clothes.
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When dealing with narcissists, you need a shrink. Follow their advice on how to encourage better behavior, and avoid getting sucked in to the manipulations. I swear by my therapist. Good luck
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