My husband started out this year with vision problems, which ended up being Glaucoma as well as the cataracts we knew about. He has lost 95 percent of vision in left eye and 75 in right eye. On the day he was prepped for surgery, they discovered A FIB; the surgeon insisted on postponing surgery until heart condition was under control...that date is Sept 10, and surgeon seems optimistic as long as primary doctor will permit ceasing Coumadin for week before surgery. We breathed a sigh of relief, which turned out to be temporary. Husband has suffered with occasional incontinence for months and has mentioned blood in his urine. Primary doctor sent him to urologist. He discovered severe UTI and "shrunken bladder." The antibiotic stopped the blood until second day. He continued med and let urologist know. Blood has cleared up again, and his urgency to urinate has subsided. Has anyone heard of "shrunken bladder?" If so, what does it indicate and what can we expect to discover as a result? As additional information, he has mentioned blood in urine before beginning Coumadin. I would appreciate any information. You are a great group of folks! Thanks in advance.

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don't think anyone can help me I've shrunk my bladder by useeing solvents
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It's formal name is interstitial cystitis. The bladder typically has a protective coating, one article describes it as being like Teflon, that insulates the bladder walls from urine. If that lining becomes frayed, it allows urine to come into direct contact with the bladder. In the meantime, the reason the bladder's protective coating frays, is because the bladder has shrunk. There are treatments. Here's an article that describes it pretty well in layman's terms:

Google interstitial cystitis for more information.
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