The older sibling (brother) is also bad mouthing you to our mother and anyone else who will listen, so she now does not trust you yet you are the closest living relative.

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I tried and reached out to my Mother's Priest...many people are willing to help her yet she will not even answer the door or is rude over the phone with people who call to help her. Our family is very small now...many family relatives have moved away or let's face it how their own situations to deal with. Older brother lives in Florida and I am 2 hours away from our Mother. Thank you for your kind words and suggestions I will look under that section. HUGS!
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It is very difficult and I have no real answer. Read the threads under Family Relations in Caregiver Support Tab. You will at least know we are all here for you and you are not alone in this situation.

Do you have someone who might assist with a family meeting, keeping the subject strictly on taking care of your Mother? Perhaps a minister, health care social worker or trusted friend/family member can help you all work through this.

I wish you the best in a difficult situation.
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