I need portable oxygen concentrator cost almost 3 grand total. I only have 38 to 48 dollars left by time I pay what bills I can. I have dementia, arthritis

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for as much 0/2 I am on d tank only last 4 hours at most va does not pay for port . .ables other then tank, where take 40-45 minutes to get to shoping unless you want gas or dollar general want the iinoogen3 has two battery 2 x 2;

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I assume you're getting VA assistance b/c of a service connected disability, i.e., being at Camp Lejeune and having contact with contaminated water?

You mention that you have tanks but not a portable concentrator. If you're using the cylindrical tanks, could you use them with the little portable wheeled carrier? As I recall the D or E (I think that's the designation) sized tanks will last about 6 hours. We used to take 2 when we just went to the doctor, and they lasted for several hours.

I had recently checked on concentrator prices and been advised by a DME locally that nonportable concentrators can be purchased directly from DMEs for as low as $600. Did some quick checking on portables but couldn't get any information because of Internet problems. I was thinking there might some of the DMEs that are going out of business which might have some oxygen equipment for a cheaper rate.

I'm also wondering if you could just rent one for the occasions on which you want to go on trips with family?

Does your primary care physician or pulmonary doctor at the VA have any suggestions? They might know of sources, such as some of the veterans organizations like Wounded Warrior. I would try those organizations - WW has grown and become quite prominent, but I don't know if they focus on Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans primarily or include all Veterans.

And thank you for your service; I'm sorry to learn that it's caused so many health problems. I have seen documentaries on the problems created by some of the solvents and other compounds used on the bases - it's so unfortunate that those who serve are exposed to such toxins.
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