My mother was on Medicare. The bills were major, mostly paid by Medicare and her insurance. I paid the balance not covered but to my surprise more bills came in a couple of months later. Now there is a bill of under $1,000 that I cannot afford. Mom is on Medicaid now. The hospital offered a charity plan that would cover the remainder of her bill. My question is what happens if she goes back to Medicare in the future (if she leaves the nh), will accepting charity affect her relationship with the hospital? Will they still treat her?

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I personally accepted hospital charity for a surgery I had. It didn't affect my treatment afterward at all, and they forgave over $30,000. My doctors either didn't know about it or they didn't care. I got the same excellent treatment I'd always had.
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To respond to your question..."Will accepting hospital charity for a bill affect future patient care?" the response is no, it will not affect future care.
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Yes, they will treat her. If she needs medical care in the future her Dr.'s in the hospital probably won't even be aware that her past bill was forgiven but even if they are they'll still treat her. They'd treat her if you hadn't paid the bill at all and had an outstanding balance.
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