Personality changes from day to day?


My mother is in a rehab facility and will be going into an assisted living home soon. My question is this: I go see her one day and she is coherent, in a good mood, her voice is clear, she can feed herself somewhat, she is responsive. Then the next day she can be very different; unresponsive, raspy voice, incoherent, in a bad mood, very tired sounding, can't feed herself. I don't get this. She does have dementia. She is 92 years old. I don't understand. Is this common behavior???



Yes, their abilities and moods will change from day to day. One day or minute at a time, and with dementia changes happen throughout the day. Caring for someone with dementia is very difficult, challenging and constantly changes.
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Willie, does your mom have vascular dementia? My understanding is that differences, day to day, in blood flow to the brain can make changes in functioning quite dramatic.

Also,UTIs can worsen functioning.

Have you discussed this with her doctor? Is there a behavioral health team or psychiatrist involved in her care?
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