My mom broke shoulder 2/2014 & is worse now FL Workman's comp & insurance are going ruin her! I just had to refi her home w/ paid off in2 yrFlorida WC does not help the injured, it helps the co.(s) & insurers. she has worked for over 65, cannot live off 868.00 SS. Was working F/T till last year washing dishes & waiting tables. 18 yrs on job paid 8.19hr Over 100 years of work between her & I & this is 1st ever W/C claim. Rude & do not care about her health. She has aged 10 yrs. in just 1. She wanted to go back to work. Broken shoulder lead to the use of only thumb & index. Ombudsman, LoL they are no help said it is between her & ins. I just had to paid over 5,000 to refi so that she could afford to live in the home she built in 1958. I am the last of 5, she is the last of 7. Need some advice please or any help at all!

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Secondly regarding the house. If your mother cannot afford to keep up with her home, maybe it was time to downsize into something more affordable. I know, everyone wishes they can keep on living in the house they have had for over 50 years.

I assume you are paying the monthly mortgage payments until you Mom can get back into the working world. What happens if she can't due to her injury? Will you continue paying the mortgage until it is paid off in two years? Plus real estate property insurance, homeowner's insurance, etc? That's a lot to ask for on your part. But I can understand you helping her out.
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What kind of rehab did your mother have after the break in her shoulder had healed? I am going through that right now, going 3 times a week, for the next 2 or 3 months.
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