He doesn't remember moving things but he does it all the time, including things I have on my desk. He claims he's tidying up but the former family room which he uses as a hangout is a total pit. I've tried to help clean up that mess but he just keeps putting things back in piles all over the furniture, floor, and tables. It got so bad that I fell while trying to get to the window, which resulted in a large bruise on my thigh that took a month to clear up. He seems oblivious to my concerns and thinks I'm picking on him.

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During a phase of my father's vascular dementia he "wandered" through the house collecting and moving things without any apparent rhyme or reason: Mom's reading glasses, aspirin stored in a kitchen cabinet, bills waiting to be mailed, a throw blanket used in the LR for 3 decades, etc. Finally my mother purchased a small (sat on her dresser) safe with a digital lock (numeric code with a key backup) and placed important small stuff like bills, medications, and her reading glasses, and car keys in there so Dad couldn't make them disappear. The only problems for those objects afterwards was Mom not getting them into the safe before Dad had a chance to collect them. If it was something we couldn't lock in the safe (like Dad's wallet) I added a electronic tag to it so I could use the homing unit to "find" it. There are several of these systems available across a wide range of capabilities and price ranges. I used a cheaper system that supported 8 tags but would only find them within a 50 ft range. The challenge is to get on a schedule to change the batteries because you don't want to find out the batteries are down when you go to "find" that tag!
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