My cousin's husband is becoming increasingly mean and belligerent to her - and now in public especially when he yells and swears. Their friends have noticed it, too. But, when she accompanies her husband to doctor appointments (cardiologist, orthopedist, general) he says he is fine and nothing is wrong. The doctor spends maybe 15 minutes with him every six months, so he takes the husband's comments at face value. When my cousin tries to tell the doctor about what she sees/hears/tolerates 24/7 the doctors say, "Well, that's not what he says." Who can help her help him?

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I think perhaps she should start talking to HER doctor about how this is affecting her health. Her doctor may have an effective way to " get through" to another MD.
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Could she also try to discreetly record one or more of these outbursts on her phone or nanny cam, etc.?
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I would think the cardiologist would listen. The heart not working right effects the oxygen going to the brain. Dementia type symptoms occur.
Have her call a neurologist. Ask if he could evaluate. Me, I am a list person. I write everything down when it happens. Time a day is important. My Dad was out of it the first half hour he was up. Meds may have to be looked at. She needs to be assertive. I would make an appointment for her to talk to his PCP. If you have noticed these changes, go with her to back her up. There is something called "showtimers"where they are able to seem normal while in a drs. office. Tell her to go with her gut.
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