It's been 30 days and she's still delirious.

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My MIL was hospitalized twice in August, for critically low sodium levels. We think it was from the Zoloft she had been recently prescribed. 1st time in hospital, her memory was completely fine, but she was physically ill. A week later, sodium levels had again dropped (we didn't know that at admittance, thought she had a stroke) she was unresponsive & when she came to, she was TOTALLY out of her head. After a week she was stabilized, sent back to rehab.

Chunks of her memory from just weeks before her hospitalization & during that time are gone. Like they were just erased. She doesn't remember the events of husbands death, recent purchases in the home, etc. She was in rehab for about two months and was able to come back home unassisted. I was really nervous about that, but she's done well.

A stroke, etc. was also ruled out in her case.
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A change in her blood pressure meds caused the deficiency. She was given slow IV electrolytes for 5 days and her numbers have stayed at about 135. She had delerium in hospital, now it’s short term memory issues. She’s in a rehab on a locked floor because she is a flight risk but doesn’t understand where she is. MRI was clear of any stroke or dimensia, Doctors can’t tell us why or when. I was looking to see if anyone experienced this memory issue. We are trying to find a doctor with more experience in the deficiency.
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Shell is right. Most of us on this site are not medical professionals. And even if we were, we could not diagnose someone from a post on an anonymous site.

if you are concerned about this, you either need to get her to an Urgent Care or an ER. We cannot “guess” what’s going on with her.

Go to the ER.
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Her memory should have recovered. However, low sodium defiency usually doesn't cause memory problems, but is can cause brain damage it the person has had low sodium for a period of time. You say her numbers are good so that would mean they are above 135.
What cause the low sodium in the first place?
How long ago was her last test?
How was it treated?
Is she on any new meds?
Could her memory problem be the cause of something eles?
These are questions I would need answer too to try and help you!

Or prehaps you should call her Dr!

This is something that needs attention too!

Good Luck!
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