My grandmother hates when I'm on texting app. I'm 21 and I respect that cuz you dont know who on the other line but what's silly is I be on my favorite game called gacha chibi its kids friendly and u cant say bad words but you know we have our ways of send bad words and i told my grandmother everyone is kid on there might be few adult but nobody going go on kids game and start asking for information but she like you dont know who on the other line and its true but i know they made so if we even did get ask for our info it get block out unless they use a \ but aint nobody the dumb to do that but i dont know what to do now im adult who respect my grandmother answers but to see my grandmother get on me for being in kids game thinking im give out information to people i dont know she know i wasn't raise like that i just dont know what to do anyways this my question

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Tomanywhy, in today's world of social media, the cellphone/iPad is a huge annoyance to a point where grandchildren of all ages no longer know how to communicate with a person face to face. Gosh, your grandmother is trying to start a discussion with you the best way she knows how to get your attention.

Games are fun with there are other humans sitting around a board game. You get to see facial expressions, you are able to actually hear a person laugh, and there is bonding with those adults and/or children.

Chiropractic doctors are seeing a rise in business due to neck issues from those who are on their cellphones/iPads hour after hour.

I see people walking their dogs cellphone in hand, not paying attention to other walkers on the sidewalk and to what the dog is doing. I see people crossing the street neck crooked down to view their cellphone not paying attention to traffic around thus leading to a large jump in serious injury and death.

Is what is on that cellphone that important?
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Try not to text in front of Grandma any more. See if that works.
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Hugs. That’s all. Just hugs.
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