She states she was cleaning but stuff is not hers, she puts in a bag and takes to her room. She has been given permission to use anytime but not take. Has anyone else dealt with this? I do not know if it is from drug or she has become a thief. It’s stuff like makeup, lotion etc. she has the money if she wanted to buy her own.

Different medications have different effects on different people. Your aunt has dementia? That could be a factor in her behavior too.

When my mother,with dementia was in a facility, I often found things in her room that did not belong to her; photo albums, clothing, and at one point, even packs of the smoking resident’s cigarettes she’d stolen off the desk at the nurses’ station. She always denied taking these things and told me she had no idea how they got there. I wouldn’t argue or accuse or correct her. I would just take them to the nurses’ station and explain that I’d found them in her room.
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