My mom is too drowsy on medication. Is there any solution other than stopping the medication?

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Hello everyone, hope you are well. While mom was in rehab for physical therapy, I had a geropsych doctor see her. He changed her meds around because he thought she was to drowsy. He stopped her Alprazolam and put her on Buspar, decreased her Depakote once a day at night and decreased her Citalopram. The only problem is he kept her on Temezapam which is making her drowsy during the day. So as of last night I'm done with that... I'm not giving her Restoril. She is still to drowsy in the am and won't get out of bed, so I just kept her on her pain pills. Could she be having withdrawls from the Alprazolam? She is mean, angry and noncompliant ( more than usual)... I know the Temezepam is a benzodiazepines also and I think it's to much with the Buspar 5 mg three times a day. Has anyone ever been through this med switch? She's driving me crazy... and the drive is a short trip.

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Can she take the Temezapam at night? Buspar doesn't do much, pretty worthless.
Could be that she is reacting to not having the Alprazolam. How long was your mom on it before the doctor stopped it?
For what it's worth, my mom briefly stopped taking it, at her doctor's direction, and she felt awful so he put her back on. She had been taking it for months before that.
This is one of the most delicate treatment changes for any aging person, as well as any person for that matter... Each individual absorbs multiple medications at different rates, & this becomes much more difficult with age... the doctor has to find the right combination for your Mom. She may or may not be metabolizing the combinations at the right rate... This is a very-very "tight rope" course of treatment, & as with ANY medication, not everyone responds the same way to the same combinations and/or doses. Sharing your concerns and the details of how/when/ and if the medication is given with the doctor helps. There is always the choice of a second opinion, but whether going through that process all over again is a bigger question ... This one of those moments of testing your patience to the ultimate limits... Many prayers to you.
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Before you discontinue a med check with her doctor. Tell doc that she is too sleepy and let doc determine the appropriate adjustment.
I agree with gladimhere.
You need to be discussing these medicines with her doctor. Be her advocate there. Because none of us here have examined her or have access to her medical records and are most likely not doctors.
Polypharmacy is a big problem in the elderly. I agree with not stopping suddenly any medication. Some medications need to be tapered off gradually especially SSRI's and Benzodiazepines.
On a side note to another poster dad takes Buspar and it is NOT worthless for him. It reduces his anxiety without the side effects of a benzodiazepine on the brain
well my mom takes 1/2 a pill in the morning & 1/2 at night of alprazolam so for the whole day she takes 1 pill then in the night i give her namzarac =not spelled right then at night she gets 50mgs of seroquel but they call it back to its name of quientine so if you can give her medicine that makes her sleep at night need to do that ..but when the sundown effect is going & needs to calm her down than you do not have a choice ..a tip try to give the medicine a hour before she would be a mr.hyde if has a sundown turn around mom threatens to throw me out of the house ..or if she gets mean you will have to give her those meds at the time you need them sometimes .it helpto know what they do & how they help ...
Just a suggestion, but when my mom contracted a raging UTI, she became very lethargic, combative and delusional. Has your mom been tested?
Talk with her doctor first explaining how your mom is.
Ask if any of those pills should have been tapered to reduce side effects.
Talk to a pharmacist about the issues
Ask to have a review of your mom's medications with a pharmacist.
Amazing how some doctors don't taper because they haven't been on that pill "that long" well, that sure has backfired on someone I know.
You can look up the meds online and read the interactions, whether it can be crushed or not and whether it needs to be tapered and educate yourself a bit on this too.
Good Luck! Oh.....Ask the review the meds.....doctors too busy....

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