The next day she was disoriented and had trouble getting her words out for at least 2 hrs. She is better now but sleeping a lot and very weak. What has happened? Doctor came out and did ekg and blood work. Waiting to see what that shows. Very scary. Any answers of what might have happened? She has declined somewhat. I was thinking a possible mini stroke? She only takes bp med . Only had over counter meds for pain.

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I'd report it to her doctor. It may or may not be related to the procedure. Did the dentist discuss the risk? I ask because, whenever my LO who has very severe dementia would go to the dentist, if they were going to give her any kind of injection like lidocaine or articaine, the dentist required to have her DNR order there within his eyesight first. We had to leave and reschedule once, due to the transport forgetting it. He said you never know what affect a drug might have., even though they are very safe.
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Your mother had a sudden change in mental status after a dental procedure. Have you had her taken her to the ER to have her checked for a stroke?

Make sure, also, that she is checked for a UTI.

For the future, a sudden change in mental status is a medical emergency and should be cause for a call to 911.
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