My girlfriend had 2 strokes between 2015 and 2016. I have both health proxy and POA. Her only family is brother in PR. Can he take her there?


I have been caring for her since 2015, is in a nursing home where I visit often and care for her. Her brother wants to take her to Puerto Rico where things are not good. She can't walk or stand. Can he take her there and take over because she is 72 years only. He has never cared for her and does not even call her or look out for her.

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Does she have money, maybe in PR. There is something not right here. Why would he want to take her back where things are so bad. Tell the NH that her brother is not to take her out of the facility. That you would llike a call when he comes to visit. Or, ban him altogether.
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I wonder how he would plan to get her there if she cannot walk or stand?
You have all of the legal standing but just to be safe you may want to notify her facility of his plans while you show them your legal papers just in case.
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As healthcare proxy you are responsible for seeing to it she has a suitable place to live. As POA you are responsible for managing her funds in her interest. She is in a care facility and presumably you have arranged for the payment there.

Her brother has no standing to change where she lives or how it is paid for.

Is he in PR now? I'd make sure the nursing home staff knows not to allow your girlfriend leave the premises with anyone without your permission.
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If he doesn't have legal authority, I don't see how he can.

You raise a good point, that PR is still trying to recover after being devastated by a hurricane. Services still aren't even operating in some areas. It's not an ideal place for someone who needs care.

Does he even have the financial resources to move and care for her out of his own funds?
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