Cycling always calmed me down. While on a 20 mile ride, a bit hot and humid, had an asthma attack. Rare for me. Seems to happen more often now though. The weather reeks havoc for my wife, as is common for MS, and now I’m on the side of the road lying down on the sidewalk while my friend gets my inhaler. Again, weather induced. Perfect!

I really need to ride to clear my head. Any suggestions on asthma management?

Maybe tomorrow I’ll try again.

Always have your recue inhaler where YOU can get quickly and talk to your Dr about a longer acting maintence drug... like Breo or Advair. Do not ride when its humid,, aim for the cooler hours. Good luck, asthma can get worse as we get older.
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A mask can help during high pollen count days (they make some you can breathe through during exercise now) and using the albuterol inhaler prior to exercise helps too. Avoid morning when pollen counts are at their highest. After a rain is usually good because the rain "rinses" the particulates out of the air.

Where you cycling on your usual path? Sometimes a particular flower or someone burning some brush can cause a problem that we don't easily notice when we're concentrating on the ride.
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Check the local pollen count and air quality index before you go out, pick routes away from heavy traffic or industrial areas, avoid mid day exercise and opt for morning or late evening. Do you use a maintenance inhaler or just the rescue one? You might want to talk to your doc about timing (or changing) your medication for optimum benefit.
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