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A senior living advisor, local to Orange County, may be able to help you.
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worriedinCali Feb 3, 2019
you are advertising “a place for mom” again. If you insist on spamming us, at least have the decency to tell the OPs you are being PAID to advertising a for profit business!
If you have the option I would suggest starting with a facility that is not for profit. Generally those are affiliated with certain denominations of churches yet don't preach tirelessly. If you can avoid the chain of facilities you may be more satisfied. At least this has been my experience. The profit facilities tend to be more ruthless. They have annual increases which are high. Their aim is to have beds as full as possible. Of course all facilities are a business but my experience for my mother with 2 AL have been vastly different and we have been much happier with the not for profit facility on all levels. As one small example the for profit facility demanded payment by the first of the month where as the other one has been much more relaxed. I am prompt with payment but I haven't felt chased down. We also have been much happier with the staff. It just is a kinder environment and residents are not as stressed annually by the significant increases. I hope you find some choices for your situation.
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Honey1bear, on the right side of this page you will find "FIND CARE & HOUSING", this is a good source to start with.

Sorry we can't be more specific on a certain facility, we would need to wait for a caregiver to come on-line to the forum who lives in Orange County, CA who has experience with using a facility or two.
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