I've left 4 voicemails with Matt with social services. I was directed to him as his department sets up the assessments. I've obtained the housing code from the senior linkage line. Found a facility Mom liked as did I. We can't do anything till this assessment is done. Its been 1 week since we've been trying. Went thru similar situations 3 years ago and gave up. All resources are exhausted and have no other options. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

You are more patient then I am. If he hadn't got back to me the second time I called within 24 hrs, I would have called the main number and asked for a supervisor. There is no reason a person cannot get back to you in 24 hrs.
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The next time you call, tell the person who answers the phone that your voicemails to Matt and going unanswered and that time is of the essence. Ask to speak to a supervisor.
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You should probably go to social services in person. Now I know it varies from state to state but in my state, you can’t really call. You have to go down in person. There’s usually paperwork you have to fill out. It’s never a matter of just calling. But again the process may vary from state to state.
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