How do you know which facility is right for your aging parent with dementia?


My father has dementia and is immobile. He also gets UTI's which often put him back into the hospital. He was in a "rehab facility" for 2 months but his condition got worse. He is currently home but it is day to day. I fear that he will be back in a facility again but I am just trying to see if there are other options besides the rehab facility because it was a horrible experience. Thank you. Any info is greatly appreciated.



The past 2 1/2 years have been extraordinarily difficult having mom in a memory care facility, but even though she's immobile and has to be transferred from bed to wheelchair in a hoyer lift, her health has been managed to the point of staying out of a SNF except for treatment for sepsis from a UTI

Mom's constant UTIs have been helped by an OTC supplement containing cranberry, d-mannose and probiotics - it's liquid and easy to take

My recommendation is to find the best care not the best physical facility
Perhaps dad would do ok in a residential board and care more so than a facility
They also are cheaper than assisted living

If dad has no financial resources, then options may be limited to Medicaid facilities
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I recently went through this with my dad. The staff at the rehab facility said his next step should be a skilled nursing facility. (SNF). I did not want to believe this, but in the end that's where he wound up and where he should have gone straight from rehab. Hard decision to make, but really the only option when they get to that point.
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Sorry, but personally, I don't believe there is a "right " place. I have made several calls, based on a list that was provided to me by a call I made to my Area on Aging, that is where I would start. But, now, after my several calls and reading this forum, I didn't get close to asking all of the right questions. So, in my case, I have to see what would work best for me. Memory care, or a skilled nursing facility? It has to suit your situation.
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