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When my mom was falling ill, I would sleep next to her on her king sized matrress. A few years have passed, and she’s stuck in a twin sized hospital bed. I sleep on the nearby sofa almost every night to keep track of her, but I think she would benefit from a king size mattress with me next to her again. The emotional comfort seems to do wonders for her. I go upstairs and sleep in my bed and we’re both miserable; she wants someone checking on her and I want to check on her.

I've looked on amazon and the website from our insurance. I’m willing to pay anything, but I can’t find a big bed. Does anyone remember a place they got a big hospital bed from?

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I’ve heard of Medicare insurance covering bariatric hospital beds, but I was told these are not even as wide as queen beds. I’m not sure about a king size. They must cost a bundle!

What we did was buy an adjustable bed frame from for a couple hundred dollars and put a regular sized queen mattress on it. Although it doesn’t raise and lower, it serves our purpose with the head and feet raising. To slide my hubby to the wheelchair, which is slightly higher than the bed, we move him to sit on the foot section of the bed and then raise that section to the correct height! We also added a bed rail (had to jerry rig it a bit with zip ties to the bed frame, but it’s sturdy now). Works great, and there’s enough space on the bed for both of us to sleep!
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I just googled king size hospital bed. There are options out there. Serta, beauty rest, sleep number... or you could place two twins side by side.
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If people look at my post history, they’ll see I’ve been emotionaly abused by my mother for years. I’ve confronted her and we are in a much healthier place. So even though I needed to step away for a few years, i am here for my mom now and want a comfy bed for her. The search for a big bed is the purpose of this question/post.
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JuliaRose Feb 15, 2019
I’m glad your relationship with your mom has improved! That’s great!

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