To monitor a senior who sleeps downstairs. I need something that does not require the senior to push buttons, because she has dementia, and will not remember. I do not need a monitor with video camera.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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We had a great little audio only baby monitor that had good enough range that I could use it out in the garden, the "parent" unit also allowed me to talk to mom to tell her I was on the way or to ask what she needed. (I could also play a lullaby or two for her 😂). I have no doubt there are similar units still available.
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Baby monitor--and does it really matter if it has "vision"? You actually may like that added feature, esp ig you LO walks around and you can't see where they are.

I've tended many a time by simply "being" at my daughter's home, watching and listening to the monitor. Never opened the door to the baby's room--(altho that was hard!)

The higher qaulity monitors are worth their weight in gold, You can hear the baby breathing quite well and honestly, that's probably all you need? If you need to talk to the person, you'll have to go a walkie talkie route and that requires some "thinking" in case your LO is struggling with dementia.
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Just like grandma1954 said...
I use a baby monitor. Of course I tell mom it is our new walkie talkie set. Lol.
She doesn't have to push anything and I can hear her. But I have to push the talk button to say anything to her. Seems to have decent range, found it on Amazon.
Hope this helps.
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If this is in the same house maybe the easiest thing and least expensive would be a baby monitor.
You can even take the receiver with you if you go to the laundry room, outside, the garage, They do not have a great range but enough to use within the house. (unless you have a HUGE house)
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