is there a support group for caregivers? -

is there a support group for caregivers?


Meetings that you can attend that includes counseling?



I went to one just once. It was a group of several old(er) ladies who just wanted to talk about their husbands. Just a 'gab fest'. Seemed to me it was a chance to get out of the house for a while. There was no discussion about being a 'caregiver' and how to cope.
I left and never went back. Not for me.
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I've gone to a support group for caregivers of persons with Lewy Body Dementia for years. It has been a huge contribution to my sanity.

There are support groups for caregiving many of the common chronic diseases.

And there are support groups for caregiving in general.

If you are looking specifically for groups moderated by a counselor or therapist, call around to hospitals and mental health clinics. You'll be amazed at how many groups meet to support each other on all manner of topics. You just have to find them!
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