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Lil, search online for local support groups in your area (which isn't stated in your profile), including:

a. Organizations for specific medical conditions, such as MS, Parkinson's, dementia, stroke, or other conditions.

b. Local hospitals, which in my area have the most diversified support groups, especially the larger ones. This did change in my area when one of the larger hospital groups was converted from non-profit to profit when acquired by out of town investors.

c. Local facilities such as AL, IL, SNFs, which sometimes host support groups.

d. Educational facilities, such as colleges affiliated with teaching hospitals. Someone recently offered this suggestion; it was the first time I'd thought of educational institutions in terms of support groups.

e. Your local county, if it has a division directed toward elder issues.

f. Local senior centers in the area.

g. Alzheimer's Assn., which maintains lists of a variety of caregiving issues not necessarily related to Alzheimer's Disease, or the Area Agency on Aging. The AA is a "rapid response" organization; I get e-mails from them shortly after a request. The AAA generally mails lists so it takes about a week to get their lists..

I think physical therapy organizations, profit or nonprofit, have a good opportunity to start support groups. One rehab institute in fact had the best range of groups I've ever seen, offering wide-ranging classes, sometimes at multiple locations.

Those classes were put on the chopping block with the parent company was acquired by a profit organization.

Hope this helps.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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