Hi, I have a friend who lives in Michigan who is absolutely tired of her. He keeps telling her that she's useless and treats her like crap because she can't get a job and can't pay to go to school even though she is really trying to find work and is always getting refused. Her father keeps insulting everything she does and she completly p*ssed about it. Her mother seems to be aware of the problem but never does anything about it. She is becoming more and more desperate about it and she is scared that her parents will eventually kick her out of the house.

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Your question is a little confusing.

Who are you caring for, age?
Whose home is it, parents or daughters.

If the person is living in someone elses home and is over 18 then yes she can be evicted, just happened on the news.

If the a person owns the house and she is getting flack from parents, then she can evict them.

Just clear up your post.
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How old is your friend? The comments you make about getting a job and going to school suggest she isn't an elder. What medical conditions does she have?
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I don't understand why she doesn't want to get out of the house. I assume it is the unemployment that is holder her back?

Who is caregiving whom in this scenario?

It is possible to force someone to leave a property you own, by going through the eviction process of the municipality of the property.
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Sion, what is your elderly caregiving question?
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