My Common Law Husband of 19 years and I got into an argument a year and a half ago. He in turn quitclaim deeded the property to his son and made him his power of attorney over his finances and medical issues. I just found out about this 2 months ago. The home was in my husband's name only and he'd paid the mortgage himself as I was the homemaker. I have lived in the home for the entire 19 years and considered it my home too. I did all of the work in the home cooking, cleaning, etc... Can anything be done? We live in Denver Colorado

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Do you still live in the home? Is your common law husband ill? Is there any reason he can’t change this back? Or did he ever have you listed as POA? Does he want you to leave? Is the home paid for or is there a mortgage?
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Great solid advice from cwillie.
I’d like to add think of times in which you presented your self as wife and husband. And if you find anything that supports that - like an mailed invitation to a party or old Xmas cards addressed to Mrs Robert Paininthearse. Take those to the atty.

And if that path doesn’t work, then you look into CO tenancy laws. Your a tenant of long standing and should have rights.
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From my quick search online I see that Colorado does recognize common law marriages, but as always it isn't that simple. You need to speak with a family law attorney about your rights as a spouse and whether or not you can claim part of the house as a matrimonial asset.
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