So my mother just accused me of being an actual demon. You know, I'm far less wealthy than I'd expect a friend of Satan to be.

Laugh or else you'll cry. Right?

So, mom's been living with us since April 14th & as previously posted we realized pretty quickly that she was in much worse cognitive shape than we anticipated. We've got her house on the market, her name on waiting lists, and a big check-up scheduled to evaluate her on June 21st.

Until then, every day is a new adventure but, man, I could really do without her calling me evil in front of the kids. They sure take real exception to someone talking about their mama that way and they're not quite old enough to entirely understand that she's just not off her right mind. *Sigh*

How are the rest of you doing, friends?

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SueGeo, That was my life before moving her in. Call daily and let the angst roll off me if I could. She mellowed in the past year. Turns out there was cognitive stuff in play & her nutrition was poor. We don't live local to family. We moved her out here because we could see the decline (no surprise at 90) and wanted her closer by so that I wouldn't have to be driving back & forth across the state as things progressed. But we did NOT think she had dementia and now we're kind of stuck trying to change the game plan mid-game. It's ok. We'll get there. But for now there are those moments we just gotta white knuckle through it. Mom was never the nicest person. But now it's crazy and meanness and some days (like today) it comes to a head. I simply keep my mouth shut and walk away. She's handicapped. I am not. I can retreat to the sanctuary of our 2nd floor and she can't get anywhere near me.
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Oh Scout, you really didn't need this, did you? :(

I am so sorry that your Mom is accusing you of being a demon in front of your children. For right now, just take a deep breathe and focus on your kids. It is so hard when they can't understand what is going on with your Mom.

Maybe tell your kids that their Grandma is "living a movie in her head and that she thinks that you are a character in the movie that is in her head." Remind your kids that you love them very, very much and that no matter what your Mom calls you, you are the same person that your kids have always known.

It's hard, but at least you are doing something to move forward.
I am so glad that you have your Mom's "house on the market, her name on waiting lists, and a big check-up scheduled to evaluate her on June 21st".

How right you are that "every day is a new adventure." {:-)
I am praying that everything goes as it should so that your Mom can go to a Memory Care Unit that fits her needs the best. God Bless. {{{HUGS}}}
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Lol. Thanks. I needed that. I don't believe it's a UTI. Everytime she acts weird I run her over to the clinic and it comes back negative. I think the wheels are simply (as if this is simple) coming off the apple cart. The other day my husband was walking my daughter back from the bus stop. Mom was watching from the top steps of the house and yelled out to my daughter, "Who's that walking with you, honey?" When my husband announced himself to her she commented that she couldn't see because of the glare from the sun (it was a cloudy day) and went back in the house.

We had a 90th party for her on Saturday. Since Sunday morning she hasn't spoken to me. She claims that I announced at the party what a burden she is. She wrote out a horribly dark, angry and morbid thank you note to me and sent it to me in the mail. (She also wrote out one to Clint Eastwood and Sean Connery). We've kept all that for the doctors. Hubbie's away and she's fine with everyone else but with me she's just horrible. The kids refuse to talk to her they're so frustrated with how she's treating me.
But tomorrow is another day. Maybe it'll be a better one. At least I'm on a business trip next week so I'll get a break.
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So sorry you're getting that from your mom.

That's one of the reasons I will never allow my mom to move into my home. She has an acid tongue and doesn't mind using it on me - mostly she tells other people how awful I am - the whole nine yards - I moved her out of her 'comfortable apartment' (yep, I did - the filthy mess that she called comfortable - since she couldn't manage it and was leaving the stove on and the water running - from time to time)...She simply wasn't doing well there - ended up in the ER and then admitted - docs said she cannot live alone ever again - so now she's in and Adult Foster Home - and of course hates it - and it's all my fault for 'doing that to her' . It wouldn't matter where she had moved to - she wouldn't have liked it...been there done that. The only place that she hasn't moved to is in with me - I have to preserve my sanity. At 65 I don't need an overgrown, vicious baby to take care of. I have enough on my plate. She's just across town and I call her every day to take my daily beating...and then I say good-bye and tell her I'll call her tomorrow - and that's all I can take for the day.

April 14th isn't that long ago - any chance of finding another living arrangement for mom?
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Oh, Scout! My heart aches for you.

Maybe she has a UTI?

Is having someone calling you a demon cause to call 911? Or is it Ghostbusters?

Sorry, I just want to make you smile, dear girl!
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