i have been using short bursts of the infra red lamp on fil, after he fell in the bath and bruised his ribs .... (just four minutes at a time, four or five times a day, followed with arnica/heparin cream, and ibuprufen) .... anyway, on doing research on infra red light, i have read that they are getting tremendous results with dementia patients, in calming the mood swings, confusion, anger, sundowner syndrome. i wanted to ask if anyone else has had any experience with it? coincidentally, he has been hugely compliant this past week since the fall, but that might be because he is getting a lot of nursing attention/ hasn't currently got the energy/ is on bed rest for a while and so needs me to take care of him.
it has certainly helped with the bruised ribs, today he was up and down the stairs and able to bath again.

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