I'm at my wits end with him and situation. He seems manic and lucid at times? He will spend months and months on the couch - sleeping, eating and watching TV but then seems to have a manic phase where he seems somewhat more cognizant and mobile BUT paranoid. He hasn't handled his finances, got groceries, scheduled appts. or picked up meds in almost two years. In January of 2011 he was found in the hallway of his highrise apt. building passed out and was hospitalized - he has continued to decline from there. March or April of 2012 he was diagnosed with Fronto Lobe Dementia. I am hitting brick walls with his general Dr., senior/elder caseworker and the housing authority - in his manic phases he has them convinced I am the bad guy (girl). Has anyone else experienced these manic phases with the fronto type dementia?

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yes,medication can help but it sounds like he needs someone full time to be sure he takes them.I have found that specking quite and calm helps to settle mom down but they don't know they are doing it. get a new doctor if this one is not helping.get aPOA if possible but you have to commit to the care or find somewhere to put him.
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