If you are in a metro area, they should be easy to find. As noted, the ALZ org lists support groups. You can also try contacting city run senior centers. Around me, some of the local hospitals host support groups. All these are free. Many psychology/psychiatrists offices will offer low cost group therapy.
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This online support group is excellent. I’ve learned soooooooo much. It’s available 24/7/365! 

Check out local hospitals for a caregiver support group you can attend. I’m in a group with 10-14 people who bring so much knowledge and experience to the table - very, very helpful

You may try:
Plug in your city and state to see what’s available.

Best wishes in finding support during your caregiving journey.
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Alzheimer's Association has a list of Support Groups in your area.
Local Senior Center may also have support groups.
Many Memory Care facilities have support groups and in most cases they will let people join that do not have a loved one in the Memory Care.
If there is Adult Day Care where you are many of them will provide Respite during meetings. And depending on mom it might be good to get her involved in Day Care.
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linda, I tried to find such a group thinking they would be plentiful since I live in a large metro area..... nope, none, nada. Found out the reason had to do with finding a "babysitter" to take care of the love one to be able to attend such a meeting. And not everyone who are caregivers can leave home at the same time to attend.

What I found is this website right here. That way I was able to "attend" when the mood struck, and got a lot of great advice. Been here for over 7 years now.
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dlpandjep Feb 25, 2020
And we're so blessed to have you!
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Have you contacted your local ALZ Association?
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I so seldom see these. Would you consider doing one of your own? Perhaps post in a few local churches and see if there is interest. I never know why there isn't a community of those giving direct care; would be so good to share, have things in common, and etc. You might consider a post that asks if anyone in your area would be interested in forming a group with you?
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