What I’ve really needed for a long time is one or more truck drivers in the same situation as myself so we could sit down together, hoist a few and laugh ourselves silly about all the gross stuff we have to do and the whole thing conducted with the free and unlimited use of the filthiest possible language. :-)

Now THAT’s my idea of therapy.

I like filthy language.

It makes me feel just fine,

It soothes my soul and outrage,

So I use it all the time.

No word is just too filthy,

When pressure builds with time,

I just cut loose with vigor,

The relief is just sublime.

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Well no Q but where else to post? My compo. Too bad the text editor spreads a poem all out - kind of ruins the effect. And as I’ve said B4 if you can’t have a laugh in this business you’re dead meat.
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Your own composition? Nicely scanned!

I'm sure there must be other people wanting to let off steam in that way; but I'm not at all sure how the moderators would like it. Maybe if recruits come here you could private message one another?

Also, the hoisting would have to be virtual, of course. Oh well! 🍺
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Is there a question here or you just wanted us to know you like off color language?
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