My Aunt is in a long term care facility. She will be 102 yrs old on July 31, 2019. She is my mother's twin sister. Each time I visit her is challenging. She was diagnosed with Dementia, but still holds a conversation, has a great sense of humor, and thanks me for every thing. I could say so much more. I have 6 siblings, who are mostly absent except for B/D. I am 79 yrs. Sometimes I amazed that God has given me this time.

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Call your local Area Agency on Aging or look on their website for local opportunities. I can’t tell if you are looking for a place to volunteer or looking for help for yourself by your post. Either way this is a good place to start.
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God bless her...and you! When you aren’t doing things for your aunt, try going to your local senior center. Many people there are caring or have cared for someone and you could share stories. You can also volunteer— that’s something you can do on your own schedule. We have a volunteer group here who runs a thrift store and most of them are seniors. Even if the group is not specifically a caregivers group, you may well find support there anyway.
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